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There's no reason to limit your lifestyle when entering a
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We ask questions that count

Questions that ensure long-term happiness

Questions about the type and quality of food

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Questions about lifestyle and personal needs

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Your retirement residence is the last home you’ll probably live in. It should be every bit as special an experience as your first home was. We work with you as independent consultants to find you a home that fits you perfectly. And it costs you nothing.


Ensuring that every senior moving to a senior’s community makes the best possible choice.


That every senior can live in a comfortable, dignified manner in their retirement residence.


Unconditional dedication, caring, honour and commitment, building trust through integrity.

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Life starts at 65

After you sit down with us and tell us your needs in a detailed 100-point analysis, we go looking at retirement residences in the BC communities you love best. We ask the right questions so you don’t get surprised by the unexpected. And you pay absolutely nothing for our help!

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They really are the golden years

There’s a reason they’re called “the Golden Years.” Because when your environment is right for you, those years truly are golden. Do as much (or as little) as you want. Start living! We’ll help you get settled into a retirement residence where your personality can shine.


Find the ideal place

Today’s retirement residences can be as luxurious as the finest cruise ships. Your home should be as unique and exciting as you are, a place where you love to be. Whether in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland or anywhere in BC, we’ll help you find the place that feels like home to you.

April 15, 2014
Along with the declines we’re seeing in our senses associated with aging, there is a corresponding trend of clever new technologies designed to make aging much more manageable and in some cases, much less embarrassing.

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April 14, 2014
Deciding on a retirement residence should not be done after Mom has fallen at home and broken her pelvis. Deciding on a dignified death should not be made when a parent suffers a severe stroke and is laying in a coma.

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April 14, 2014
Most agree that the biggest challenge for the sandwich generation occurs when the parents must leave the primary home, giving up their independence to move into a retirement living facility. Here's some helpful advice.

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