Our Vision

Eventually, many of us face a very typical situation

We reach an age where we can no longer manage the residence we have had for many, many years. Keeping it clean, neat and uncluttered, keeping the general maintenance on schedule, taking care of minor repairs, maintaining the yard; even with paid assistance, it can become a great deal to manage.

Or perhaps we reach a point in our lives where our health leaves us in a position that makes it very difficult to maintain our preferred standard of living. You’ve used professional cares services and yet… it is still leaving you feeling like something is missing. Maybe, with the children and grandchildren off involved in their own lives, you simply cherish having more people around you.

So you’ve decided that a move to a dedicated senior’s lifestyle community is your best option.

Now you face a seemingly overwhelming challenge.

With thousands of choices throughout British Columbia, where do you go for accurate information about all of the key factors that would determine the very best choice – for you – when it comes to selecting a retirement community to move to?

Golden Transitions is your answer

We offer a completely focused service to seniors and their families, one that is dedicated specifically to helping you find the best choice in a retirement community.

Our vision is to help you find your perfect retirement residence with all the dignity and support you deserve

Here is how we work:

  • We come to you. We meet in the comfort of your own home and at a time that best fits your schedule and/or needs.
  • We take the time to complete an extensive questionnaire, designed to fully understand your needs, your wishes and your dreams.
  • We then match you to the top three seniors communities (more if desired) in order of priority based on your stated needs, wishes and dreams. And, we back it up with a full report detailing exactly why the three choices we suggested are, in fact, your best three options! We base our recommendations entirely upon what is best for you. Period.
  • We do NOT charge you for the consultation, or the recommendation. We are paid by the retirement community that you choose to move to. There is no cost or obligation whatsoever to you to this point.
  • We can take you to any or all of the three communities that we recommend. Or we can arrange for visits, complimentary meals or overnight stays. We can help in so many other ways, all designed to ensure that you have all of the information you need to be completely comfortable before you make your final decision.

We’re connected

We work with or are aligned with many top-notch organizations which can assist with all other aspects of your move. From actually making the move — organizing, gifting, donating, storing or selling your possessions, finding the movers, organizing the storage, being there on moving day, to helping support the transition to the new community, we can make this often challenging event much more manageable for you and your family.